A Non-Profit Ministry on a Mission

to value and protect the pre-born

Hello. my name is Brenda Gaston,

I joined Women's Choice Resource Center in February of 2016.
I have always had a heart for the pre-born and it is such a joy when a young woman, who may have been considering ending her baby's life, chooses LIFE for her baby after visiting WCRC and speaking with one of our wonderful counselors!

I am so very blessed to be associated with such a worthwhile ministry where the Lord is honored, women are trusting in Him as their personal Saviour, and where babies' lives are being saved!

Receptionist: Brenda Gaston

Operations Director: Genesis Bustamante


My name is Genesis Bustamante,

I have been with Women’s Choice Resource Center since 2011. I began working here as the receptionist, greeting our clients and preparing the intake forms. My journey here has been a fun one. I was taught to counsel the clients, translate sonograms for the Spanish speaking clients, perform administrative work and everything in between. I’m blessed to now be the Operations Director.  I oversee day-to-day activities and make sure everything is running smoothly. I work alongside the staff and volunteers to make sure our clients get all of the prenatal information and referrals that they need.

My passion for the pro-life ministry began in my teenage years. I would go to abortion clinics with my youth group and pray for the women entering and exiting the facility. I remember seeing these women leave the clinic hardly being able to walk, with only a few crackers in their hands. I will never forget the look on their faces; they were so broken. We took every opportunity we got to love on them and pray for them. There, I was taught and experienced the mercy of God.  That is where my passion and desire to end abortion began.

As I got older, the Lord placed a desire in my heart to become a missionary. I always wanted to go out there and change the world. He has fulfilled those desires by allowing me to go on mission trips to different countries. He has also called me to WCRC, a mission field in my own backyard! I've seen countless mothers and babies saved and their lives transformed while the Lord is glorified through it all. I’m honored to work alongside a team of women who have taken the challenge to share the love of Christ and the value of life, one person at a time.

Hi. My name is Lauri Campbell,

I’ve been with Women’s Choice Resource Center for over 20 years. My journey began in 1993 as a member of Sagamore Hill Baptist Church. I was one of the Task Force members that was asked to look into the possibility of starting a crisis pregnancy center here in East Fort Worth. After the green light was given to open the Center I really felt like God was calling me to become a volunteer counselor but additionally I was asked to serve as a Board member.

My whole family has been involved in this ministry---my husband of 30 years, Kelly, and both of my adult daughters.  My youngest daughter is a volunteer counselor at WCRC.  This work is very important to all of us. It’s central to our lives and  we’re so grateful to have the chance to serve the Lord in this fight to protect the preborn.

In the summer of 2013 I resigned from the Board and took the position of Development Director and in May of 2017 I accepted the position of Executive Director.  I’m so thrilled to be able to work in this new role. We have an extraordinary team of volunteers and staff who are passionate and equipped to serve our community. God is using this Center to set women free and rescue babies from death and I'm honored to be a part of it.

Clinic Director: Jan Rogerson, M.S., RDMS

Hello. my name is Dr. Beverly Wood,

I received my medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas and completed my residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas.  I have been in private practice for over twenty years.

I'm board certified and an active member of the Texas Health Harris Methodist HEB Hospital and Methodist Southlake Hospital medical staff. 

I joined the WCRC Staff in November of 2017 when a colleague told me about the great work that they were doing.  When I found out that I could actively participate and lend my expertise to the clinic I was very happy to do so.

When I'm not in surgery, delivering babies or reviewing scans for WCRC I enjoy watching my children play soccer, gardening, participating in bible study and exercising.

Administrative Assistant: Manuela Garza

Hello. my name is Manuela Garza,

I’m happy to be part of Women’s Choice Resource Center. I believe I have been led to this ministry for a reason - to value and protect the unborn as well as helping other women. It’s a blessing and privilege to work with such an amazing staff. I love assisting the sonographer, Jan. It’s breathtaking every time she performs an ultrasound and we see a heartbeat at six weeks of pregnancy on an unborn child.  I’m honored to be part of this ministry and to utilize my bilingual skills with clients. I’m looking forward to growing with Women’s Choice Resource Center.

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Womens Choice Resource Center is equipped with some of the best staff and volunteers that are here to help you. 

Administrative Assistant: Tamara Lee

Hi. my name is Jan Rogerson,

I am the Sonographer at the Women’s Choice Resource Center.  I began my career in Ultrasound at Parkland Hospital in the OB/Gyn Ultrasound Department.  I had many various sidetracks in my career that led me into teaching Ultrasound, and traveling to other countries to perform Ultrasound.  I now have the privilege to be able to meet each of our pregnant mothers, and introduce them to their babies. 

I love being able to show new moms the pictures of their baby’s hands and faces, and the heart beating.  This work has been a blessing to me for many years.  I know each baby is a creation of God, and I never tire of showing each mom this miracle.  I love watching the reaction of the fathers as I introduce their babies to them.  I love to see tears of joy, and the love connection between this baby-and the parents. I find many times that we are all sharing smiles, and Kleenex after looking at sonogram pictures of their new baby.

I am so happy to be a part of the Women’s Choice Resource Center team.  I delight in coming to work, and using my hands for God’s work.

Medical Director: Dr. Beverly Wood

Executive Director: Lauri Campbell

Hello. my name is Tamara Lee,

I was a young, single woman when I began volunteering with Women’s Choice Resource Center at its inception. At the time, I worked as a legal assistant for an attorney in Fort Worth, a job I truly loved. During those earlier years of service with WCRC, my life dramatically changed in several ways: I became engaged, married and a stay at home mother of one son and two girls. In 2004, I began homeschooling my oldest daughter and stepped away from the ministry to focus on training up my children. Thirteen years later, the son was now a man, and that same daughter’s high school graduation was just months away. With their little sister coming up close behind, I looked ahead and began praying about what would fill my days. A little discouraged and uncertain about this new season of life, I attended the fundraising banquet of 2017 and heard two things. One was that God wanted me back in this ministry. The other was that WCRC needed support staff. 

Through a series of wonderful and supernatural events, I am now an administrative assistant with WCRC, doing work I love in a place I call home. I walk through the building and remember my own babies being cared for while I served and recall the many opportunities I had to share Christ with hurting women. To be on this hallowed ground again in a new role is a greater gift than I can describe, and I am honored and grateful to be here.